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Kixtix Media Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best site to promote android & ios apps. It is the best mobile app marketing company in comparison to other app marketing companies. Kixtix Media Pvt. Ltd. specializes in mobile app marketing, app strategy, app monetization and app store optimization. We are dedicated to help you succeed in the business of your mobile application.

CPI (Cost Per Install)

If we really want lots of downloads and installs as soon as possible then android app cost per install (CPI) is a very useful service. You can go ahead for CPI which is called cost per install. CPI is the best way to get more and more targeted installs.


App Review Submission will help you to get more target audience because after submitting your app on top sites there are a lot of app users who easily get to know about your app. It will provide your app with the initial publicity.

What Do We Do??


Want to know the viability of your mobile app before you jump head-on into design and development? Our consulting services can save you thousands of development hours and a ton of money by timely intervention and collective experience


Before you launch the app, the ground needs to be prepared so that by the time you launch your app, there is already an audience eagerly waiting for your app. We will also run the preregistration campaign for you.


It is very important to become visible on reputed online publications. To increase your brand visibility, we will publish articles and blog posts about your app on top media outlets.


Almost every business and every individual connected to the Internet is on social media these days. No app developer can afford to ignore social media. We will create and maintain a vibrant presence for you on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and many more.


Want to acquire more users for your app as soon as possible. Through our consistent marketing and promotion efforts, we can get you hundreds of thousands of users in a matter of a few months – users who are actually interested in utilizing the features of your app for their benefit. We will use organic promotion, viral marketing, influencer marketing, paid ads and traditional marketing channels to acquire users for your app.


We can help you increase the visibility of your mobile app once its listing appears in app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store. Our listing optimization services make your app searchable for the right keywords and right search terms. We will help you optimize the title of your mobile app, the associated keywords and description, the most appropriate screenshots, logo and other optimization attributes that will make it easier for users to find and download your mobile app.


Active user engagement keeps your core audience interested in your app. Through specialized engagement we will make sure that your users not just stick to your app but also bring in other users. The modes and channels we will be using include push notifications, in-app purchase, onboarding, persona-based segmentation and targeting and remarketing.


We understand that different apps have different monetization needs and goals. You might be looking for the following monetization options: paid app, free app with advertising and marketing options, subscription-based monetization and content-unlocking options. The basic idea is communicating the core strengths of your app to your target audience in such a manner that it eagerly becomes a part of your monetization process.


You have built your marvelous iPhone app, and that’s great. We can help you reach the target audience in more ways than one. Our completely scalable, multichannel marketing campaign will give you higher quality of your iPhone app downloads with solid ROI. Improve your listings in the App Store for the right category and increase meaningful visibility.


In December 2017 there were 3.5 million Android apps in Google Play. Roughly 2000 new apps are uploaded to Google Play every day. How do you gain visibility for your Android app? Through strategic marketing that combines insight, analytics, and multichannel reach. We can help you get better exposure, more downloads and ultimately, more revenue for your Android app.